Ecocert Certified Organic
Certified Biodynamic by Demeter

Charlot Tanneux

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Our House

A family of winegrowers

Even if I come from a long line of winegrowers, my winegrowing career really took off at the Lycée d’Avize, and mostly at de Lycée de Rouffach, in Alsace, where I caught the environmental bug, since grassed vineyards were common and many had already converted to organic growing. This underpinned my approach to nature for my working career.


I obtained the BEPA- BTA & BTS degrees and added to this the Montpellier Wine and Spirits Sales Representative diploma.


In 2001, I joined my parents on the family estate, located in the Vallée de la Marne, and very quickly hereafter I grew closer to alternative treatment methods respecting soil life and the environment. 

Organic viticulture

In 2008-2009 I enrolled in a biodynamic training program with the great instructor Pierre Masson and I observed surprising results notably using cow dung which sojourned in horns, and herbal therapy, using plants to tend to the vines. This was a way to reduce the amount of copper, as too much copper holds the risk of obstructing the vines.
“In the end, working with little copper is absolutely possible, but one has to invest a lot of time”. My tenet is Authenticity, Tradition and Passion.

I progressed with the help of empiricism and willpower and always with this passion to discover the plants’ virtues.

I observed nature, and thus the vines, and I very quickly understood that they were mistreated; we didn’t listen to them enough and we did not understand their needs.

To try and save this treasure which is our earth, we should work in alignment with her, rather than against her. This beautiful earth which holds our survival, requires our respect and our constant care.

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